Jon Bodington

Qualified assessor in Air Leakage, Eco Homes (predecessor to the code of Sustainable Homes) and SAP, Jon has more than 30 years of experience helping housebuilders achieve their sustainability goals. In 2005, Jon founded AES Sustainability Consultants and Daltec, two technical consultancies companies focused on SAP strategy design / optimisation as well as SAP / EPC testing and certifications. Under Jon’s leadership, the business grew to become one of the leading companies in the UK serving approximately 2,000 clients including national housebuilders such as Barratt, Persimmon and Bovis as well as smaller ones such as Baker Estates, CG Fry and Son and StrongVox. In 2019, Jon sold the majority of his shares in the company to his employees but remain and the chairman of the group.

Whilst most of his experience relates to the conservation of fuel and power (Part L of Building Regulations), Jon has always promoted a “holistic approach” to sustainability putting the buildability (economical and technical) of new homes and the quality of life in them at the centre of his thought process. As a result, Jon has developed a good understanding of building technics and materials as well as ventilation strategy (Part F of Building Regulations). He and his firm have also been asked to contribute to several industry projects such the Zero Carbon Hub Design versus As Built Project and the Building Alliance Indoor Air Quality and Overheating working group in partnership with the University of Birmingham.