How housebuilders have adapted to smart homes

Over recent years consumer demand has changed and housebuilders have taken this opportunity to build smart homes, homes that can be controlled from your mobile, tablet or laptop. Hive, the market leader in smart homes offers a range of products. Installing these products beforehand will not only increase the price of the property but will also appeal to first time buyers, energy savers and tech savvy buyers.

Hive Active Heating Kit
Hive has recently launched a wireless thermostat, which means that you never have to get home to a cold house, waste energy on heating the guestroom or waste expensive energy on hot water that you don’t necessarily use.

How does it work?
The kit comes with a smart thermostat, hub, receiver and an installation guide. The system runs on 2 AA batteries and can be controlled from your mobile, tablet and laptop, even when you are on the go.  Via the app you will have access to temperature graphs; temperature tracking inside your home as well as geo-location alerts which means you will receive notifications are leaving and returning home.  There is no need for changing energy suppliers and installation is easy.

Techniques such as this are an extra incentive in the competitive market to buy that new home as it could save home owners up to £150 per year.