Housing Growth Partnership: helping students prosper

The Housing Growth Partnership continued to support its partner school Quintin Kynaston Academy in St. John’s Wood, London by delivering the next event in an ongoing development programme aimed at practical improvement in social mobility for young people. The programme run by HGP comprises a series of business skills workshops, thematic lectures and internships to provide opportunities and networks of support for QK A-level students who are unable to get them from their schools or families.

On 16th November colleagues from the HGP travelled to QK to provide 30 A-Level students with the opportunity to participate in a:

  1. Mock Interview: one- on-one mock interview with an HGP colleague for an analyst role in HGP, followed by interview feedback.
  2. Business Plan Development and Presentation Challenge: a team challenge to brainstorm and pitch a new mobile phone idea to a panel of HGP Dragons.
  3. Teamwork and Leadership Challenge: a series of team challenges requiring problem solving, planning and influencing.
  4. Pizza Networking Session: an opportunity for students to get to know HGP colleagues, ask questions and practice their networking techniques.

“It was a superb event, perfectly pitched and it had an immense impact upon our students that will be felt throughout the year group. We obviously want to run the session again and we will have no shortage of students wishing to participate. Our supporters have become increasingly effective in the depth and breadth of impact upon our students’ employability skills and wider development.  In short, the opportunities afforded to our students are excellent and this is largely due to the skills and generosity of spirit of HGP.”

– Nathan De Garis, Head of Corporate Liaison, Quintin Kynaston Academy

“Helping local communities prosper is a key tenet of the Housing Growth Partnership and we are delighted to continue our support of QK. These young people will face a competitive job market after university and most don’t have the network to help secure that all important first job. Through our ongoing work with QK we hope to tilt the odds in their favour by providing meaningful opportunities for development, putting them in the best possible position for success in the future.”

– James Hutchinson, Investment Manager, Housing Growth Partnership

The partnership between the academy and HGP has helped numerous pupils over the last couple of years and for 2017 HGP will continue to support this project.