Hillcrest Homes, Hurst Green

Investment £1.4m | 31 Homes

Region: The North West and Northern Ireland
Sector: All
Size: 0-50 homes
Type: All

HGP has invested £1.4m alongside Hillcrest Homes to deliver 31 new homes in Hurst Green, Lancashire. HGP’s investment has enabled Hillcrest to efficiently deploy its capital; reducing the amount of equity Hillcrest has had to commit on the Hurst Green development and releasing funds to accelerate other schemes in the company’s pipeline.

HGP’s return is derived from an equitable share of the scheme profit. HGP does not charge any fees or interest, nor does it take any security. By partnering with HGP, the Hillcrest team is accelerating growth in their business, increasing the delivery of high quality family homes, and improving their return on capital.

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