My 360 Living, Askern

Investment £0.4m | 12 Homes

HGP has co-invested on a development to provide 12 new homes in Askern, near to Doncaster. The investment was made alongside My 360 Living, a new brand in the Yorkshire market looking to accelerate growth, focusing on the delivery of affordable homes for private sale.

Andrew Watson, Managing Director, My 360 Living
“We are absolutely delighted that HGP are providing support, investment, and potential future funds for our emerging private sales opportunities. It has been refreshing to work with professional and dedicated people who want to get the deal done and over the line. The senior team have been very pragmatic, realistic and above all supportive of our business plan and future aspirations.

HGP really are ‘helping address housing affordability by providing support to the regional residential development community to increase the number of new homes built in the UK’.

We are already looking at several follow on schemes with the team, and we are looking forward to this being a very mutually beneficial investment partnership.”

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